Disclaimer:  These products were given to us to review, but our thoughts and opinions on the products are 100% our own.

August is almost over!!  I can’t even believe it.  And our Degustabox this month was full of perfect snacks for end of summer picnics, park outings, and other adventures.


This is the third Degustabox we’ve received and I’m super stoked every time it arrives in the mail.  We always discover goodies we add to grocery orders later on.  It truly is such a perfect way to discover new products I never would have tried on my own (or honestly, even found on my own!!).  I know that’s what subscription boxes are supposed to be for, but in this case it’s totally true.

Contents included this month:

  • Post Frosted Chocolate Strawberry Shredded Wheat – This cereal is sweet.  So of course Penny, Calvin, and I loved it and everyone else made the ew face.  Sweet toothes, unite.
  • Popcorn, Indiana Movie Theater Style Popcorn – Popcorn in a bag is always a gamble.  But this popcorn is legit.  I would sneak this into a movie theater any day of the week.
  • Colombina Amazon Sweet Pepper Chili Sauce – Like the latin version of Sriracha.  It’s so, so, so good.  This stuff has been saucing our eggs, tacos, and just about everything else we can think of since we got the box.  We will definitely be buying this again.
  • PR Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar – I know it’s a protein bar and is probably good for me, but it’s delicious.  And feels a little naughty.  I ate it for breakfast and loved every second of it.
  • Colombina Breakfast Biscuits – Apparently we’re in love with everything that Colombina makes, because these biscuits were a huge hit.  Penny kept trying to steal mine, and I caught all the kids sharing another packet later on that morning after we opened the box.  They’re light, crispy, and the mixed berry flavor is not overwhelming.  Just perfect to pair with a cup of coffee.  Or just to eat plain!
  • Sahale Snacks Maple Pecans Glazed Mix – My aunt makes candied pecans every year for us for Christmas, and these taste exactly the same.  I was having flashbacks to holidays, cool weather, and cuddling by the fireplace.  The snack mix is delightful.
  • Country Archer Jerky Co Sweet BBQ Pork Bar – This was probably the only thing in the box that everyone agreed to dislike.  It’s not exactly jerky.  Dave described it’s texture more like Spam.  The flavor was interesting, definitely BBQ-y, but overall, not our thing.
  • High Brew Coffee Double Espresso – Who doesn’t love a good cold brew?!  This one is going into my afternoon caffeine boost rotation.
  • Wise Snacks Bravos Stadium Nacho Tortilla Chips – like Doritos, but truly way better.  These are going in lunch boxes this school year!
  • THE GOOD CRISP COMPANY Sour Cream & Onion – You wouldn’t guess these aren’t Pringles in a blind taste test.  But without the weird chemical flavor.  The Pringles-lovers among us loved these.
  • Prince of Peace Ginger Chews – These were super interesting flavor-wise.  I’m not sure what I was expecting, but this was not it.  Slightly spicy in the way that only ginger can be,  I liked them, but it’s definitely a small dose treat.  Perfect chewy texture though.
  • Ready Nutrition Grapefruit Protein Water – Perfect flavored water.  I could drink this all day.  No joke.


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