Product was provided for this post, but the opinions are 100% completely all my own.  Promise.

I have a LOT of hair.  So much so that it takes me upwards of 3-4 hours to get my hair colored, that people are always commenting on how much hair I have, and it takes like 12+ hours to air dry.  And that’s AFTER having children and losing a bunch of it.  On top of that, it’s this weird combination of wavy, coarse, and frizzy.  Which is helpful because my hair will really do whatever I want, but if it’s humid at all it goes POOF.  So adding some curl definition has been really helpful for me as a busy working mom because I can blow it dry really quickly, then tame the frizz with a curling wand.  And because my hair is the way it is, I only really need to wash it about once a week so once it’s done, I’m set for a few days and only need to touch up the curl in the morning.

I’ve been using the Jose Eber tri-barrel curling wand after they sent it over for me to try out.  And I LOVE it.  I have always used a traditional curling iron before with the clip and all.  But the wand is so much more versatile, heats up so much more quickly, doesn’t damage my ends, and is way easier to use than I thought.  Plus this one has three different options for barrel width so you can easily vary the size of your curls instead of having to buy three different curling irons.  Genius.

Here’s how I get my wavy every day curls.  Nothing fancy.  Really quick and easy.  And remember, I have a TON of hair, so it probably takes me longer than it takes you.  Quick curl, quick spritz of hair spray, run some hair oil through it, and done.