I am all about smoothie recipes in the summer months.  Smoothies for breakfast, smoothies for afternoon snacks, smoothies for dessert, I’ll take it.  And a Matcha Smoothie?  Even better.

Recently, I got a box of Matcha Green Tea powder in a Degustabox and I decided to try out a take on a Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino.  That is one of my favorite Starbucks drinks, hands down.

It turned out even better than the original!  This one is getting made probably on the daily for a while.  It’s super fast and super easy.  And did I mention super delicious?

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1 packet Matcha Green Tea Powder (example)

Two frozen bananas (I peel and freeze bananas whenever they start getting a little spotty – I usually have about a dozen in the freezer at any given time)

8 oz almond milk


Throw everything in a blend and hit the fruit smoothie button.  Blend for about a minute, maybe more, maybe less.  Add some more milk or some more bananas, depending on how thick or not you like your smoothies.  And voila!