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We are a big read aloud family.  Big.  We’re into reading in general, though.  I (Sarah) would honestly rather be reading a good book than watching a show or a movie.  And growing up, I truly would forgo recess and friend time to sit against the wall with a good book and ignore everyone else.  I’m sure there are other bookish types out there who can relate!  Fellow introverted book nerds, unite.

I’ve installed that love for reading into my kids and while they are, on the whole, MUCH less antisocial than me, they too enjoy a good read.  I wanted to share some of what we are currently reading aloud, because I try to make it a regular practice to read aloud with all my kids (and hope to no matter their age).  The toddler enjoys sitting in on the big kid’s read aloud, but often doesn’t quite track with what we read.  Not so with the current selection, The End of the Beginning, by Avi.  Short chapters, fun illustrations, silly but smart language, and subtle humor that only I and the oldest laugh at, makes for a book that is loved by all.  Plus it’s about a snail and an ant, so how can you really go wrong with that?

With the oldies, we also listen to audio books when we’re driving to and from school and sports and errands and, and, and, and.  Presently, we started Magnus Chase: The Sword of Summer, by Rick Riordan.  We are all big fans of the Percy Jackson series, and this one hasn’t disappointed so far.

The toddler book stack is always bigger because of the nature of the picture book.  We usually plow through at least 4 or 5 a night before bedtime, but she wants the same 4 or 5 on rotation for at least two weeks.  Shel Silverstein is always a favorite of mine.  Runny Babbit Returns is another ‘billy sook’ full of delightful poetry and super silly phrasing.

Zog and the Flying Doctors, by Julia Donaldson, is a fun, lightweight, girl power story.  And it includes doctors, dragons, princesses, and unicorns.  All the boxes checked.

I also really love beautifully done picture books, and Fox and the Bike Ride, by Corey Tabor, is gorgeous.  The story is fun and rompy and the pictures are beautiful and full of pieces to find and discuss with your little.

The Greatest Opposites Book on Earth, by Lee Singh and Tom Frost, is another gorgeous book.  It really is the greatest opposites book on earth, with flips and flaps and artful illustrations, and all the first opposites you would typically teach a toddler.  Penny adores this one.

Not pictured, but also currently in rotation is Fancy Nancy: The Fanciest Doll in the Universe.  Being that Penny is my first girl, this is my first venture into the Fancy Nancy universe.  I’m hooked.  And Pen is obsessed.  This one started out as a library book but is definitely getting purchased.


What are you currently reading to your little ones?  Please share!!  My “to read” list cannot possibly ever be long enough.

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