In keeping with attempting to stick to a capsule wardrobe, when we went to Seattle recently I went for minimalist packing.  That is not how I typically travel.  Usually I’m lugging a bag that weighs more than my children and hoping that it doesn’t exceed the airline’s weight standards.  But also in keeping with the idea behind the capsule wardrobe, the seeming restrictions were actually really freeing.  I had a super light carryon bag and all of my outfits were pre-planned so it wasn’t an issue deciding what to wear.  I used the pieces from my capsule wardrobe too, so no additional purchases required.  So from a clear non-expert but someone who is attempting, here is my version of what to pack for a three day weekend.


All the pieces!  Top left to bottom right:

Sweater – Gibson |  Necklace – Target | Tank Top – Nic + Zoe |  Top – BP.  |  Cardigan – Leith | Booties – Franco Sarto |  Booties – Minnetonka  | Jeans – Caslon |  | Leggings – BP. | T-Shirt – Madwell | Booties – Minnetonka | T-Shirt Dress – Everlane | Necklaces – Target

I brought 2 pairs of pants (1 leggings, 1 jeans), 2 sweaters, 2 tops (t-shirts, 1 short sleeved, 1 long sleeved), 2 pairs of shoes, 1 dress, and 3 necklaces (plus pajamas and toiletries, obviously).

We did a variety of activities in Seattle, so I had lots of outfit changes and still managed to feel like I had a variety of outfits given different accessories, shoes, and mix and match pieces.  I had shoes that were comfortable enough to walk around the city all day long and travel in, and shoes that were cute enough for a night out.  I had pieces that were interchangeable for a more casual look (jeans + tee + pullover + moccs) and for a dinner out (jeans + tee + long cardigan + booties + statement necklace).  The travel life was SO much easier not having to plan out outfits for every possible scenario.  I picked interchangeable pieces that all went together so outfit planning beforehand and while there was a piece of cake (or pie…).


Top – BP.  |  Jeans – Caslon | Booties – Minnetonka

Hat – Everlane |  Sweater – Gibson |  Scarf – Huxen and Co | Top – BP.  |  Jeans – Caslon | Booties – Minnetonka


And the ever necessary comfortable but not sloppy looking airport look.  Leggings + t-shirt dress + long cardigan for the major win here.

Cardigan – Leith | T-Shirt Dress – Everlane | Leggings – BP. | Booties – Minnetonka | Purse – Target |  Suitcase – Target


There were so many more combinations but even with my incessant picture taking didn’t manage to get them all captured.  Goals for next trip!


What to pack for a 3-day weekend, capsule wardrobe style!