Every nursery room goes through that transition, from baby room to toddler bedroom and playroom.  It means getting rid of the changing table, dropping the crib or getting a toddler bed, rearranging books and bookshelves, and getting some new “big girl” toys.

For Penny, that meant dropping the sides of her crib, getting rid of her changing table, and adding some new places for her to play.  Her play kitchen is a new favorite.  And so is her new “rug” and Penny sized chair to read books and snuggle with her dolls.  Now she just needs a toddler sized nail salon and all her dreams will be complete.  (Anyone else’s toddlers love painting her nails?  And everyone else’s?!)

I say “rug” because, while looks can be deceiving from the photos, the rug isn’t woven.  It’s actually made of a unique soft material that feels more like a yoga mat.  It’s easy clean (just wipes right off) and is every so comfortable to play on.  I don’t even mind sitting and playing with Penny on the floor anymore!  Even better is that it’s reversible.  I have it on the white/gray side right now since gray is my jam, but we could always flip it over to add a pop of color to her room.  And also given Penny’s inclination to host tea parties in her room for her brothers and stuffed friends, the fact that it wipes clean makes me super happy.  I’m not what you might call someone who likes to clean.  The rug we have is boho-y on one side a blue and white classic pattern on the other.

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Our other new favorite item is a pint sized chair perfect for Penny’s little peanut sized booty.  She loves the fact that she has a chair that’s just her size and is constantly moving it around her room so she can use it in all kinds of play scenarios.  I would love it if she would just keep her little self seated and read books for a while to give mommy some peace and quiet, but alas, that independence level is still developing.  I’m working on giving her more and more time where I’m nearby, but she’s engaged in something she loves to build up that independent work time.  Being the youngest has been hard this way, since she almost always has had someone bigger to play with.  But we’re working on it!





She is super happy with her big girl room and I’m so glad she loves all the pieces.  Next is on to the boys room…time to get rid of their “big boy” toys and make room for all the things bigger boys like.  Pre-teens….